Yard House

Lunch Menu - Two-Course Lunch for $15 - Choose 1 Appetizer and 1 Entree


Choice of:

Guacamole & Chips

Pico de Gallo, feta

Buffalo Cauliflower

with spicy tahini


edamame, Kalamata olives, choice of crispy flatbread or baked pita

Classic Ranch Salad

iceberg & boston lettuce, tomatoes, carrots, sweet corn, jack, cheddar, croutons, buttermilk ranch

Mixed Field Greens

tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, croutons, balsamic vinaigrette


Choice of:

Cup Chicken Tortilla Soup

creamy white cheddar soup, roasted pasilla, tortilla strips, pico de gallo, avocado, cilantro

Cup Organic Tomato Bisque

fried basil leaf


Choice of:

Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich

all white meat, spicy sweet slaw, aged white cheddar spread, fries

Lunch (Mac+Cheese)2 - gardein option available

chicken, bacon, wild mushrooms, cheddar, parmesan, truffle oil

Lunch Cobb Salad

greens, kale, tomatoes, edamame, carrots, radish, egg, bleu cheese, corn, bacon, avocado, ranch

Lunch Ahi Crunchy Salad

seared rare, field greens, Asian slaw, crispy wontons, soy vinaigrette

Blackened Shrimp Tacos

two tacos, cabbage, cilantro, cumin crema, pico de gallo, guacamole, mango, papaya, side of rice and beans


Choice of:

Vegan Burger

red quinoa, kale, shiitakes, vegan mozzarella, avacado, tomato, arugula, onion, miso, onion bun

Dinner Menu - Three Course Dinner for $28 - Choose 1 Appetizzer, 1 Entree, 1 Dessert


Choice of:

Chopped Salad

avocado, tomatoes, bacon, corn, cilantro, cucumbers, celery, onions, romaine

Kale Caesar

romaine, brussel sprouts, pistachios, raisins, sweet baby tomatoes, parmesan

Boneless Wings - gardein options available

buffalo, firecracker, Korean, or ancho bbq

Spinach Cheese Dip

feta, jack, parmesan, cream cheese, crispy flatbread

Wisonsin Fried Cheese Curds

buttermilk batter, honey hot sauce, horseradish aioli


Choice of:

Parmesan Crustend Pork Loin

bourbon-sage-cherry shallot sauce, broccolini, mashed sweet potatoes

Nashville Hot Chicken

fried sage, sweet potato pancakes, pickles, ranch dressing, honey hot sauce

Shrimp and Calimari Diablo

jumbo shrimp, calamari, pepperoni, jalapeno, black spaghetti, spicy tomato sauce

Maui Pineapple Chicken

marinated, grilled with sweet soy, pineapple, jasmine rice

Chicken Fried Rice Bowl - gardein available

spinach, asparagus, edamame, smoked tofu, shiitake mushrooms, green onions


Choice of:

Poke Bowl

marinated raw ahi, crispy rice, arugula, avocado, cucumbers, nori, seaweed salad, tomatoes, edamame, garlic, crispy wonton, masago, soy vinaigrette, sriracha aioli

Cocconut Shrimp

spicy green papaya salad, sweet chili sauce, basil pesto


Choice of:

Mini Chcolate Souffle Cakes

vanilla ice cream

Mini Cheesecale Brulee

caramelized crispy sugar topping

Mini Peach Apple Cobbler

caramel ice cream


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