Dinner Menu - 5 Courses for $70


brown butter, pancetta, pomegranate

Suggested Wine Pairing: Da Mar, Proseco, Brut, Veneto, Italy, NV

White Seabass

coconut soak, daikon, nashi pear, puffed rice

Suggest Wine Pairing: Borgo Del Tiglio “Milleueve” Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Italy, 2020

Guinea Hen

mousseline, winter squash, cauliflower core velouté, tarragon essence, red sorrel

Suggested Wine Pairing: Upwell, Pinot Noir, North Coast, California, 2020

Loin of Beef

compressed potato, oyster mushroom, roots, carbonized onion crisp, jus

Suggested Wine Pairing: Knuttel Family, Cabernet Sauvignon, Dry Creek Valley, Sonoma
California, 2018

Chocolate Textures

Suggested Wine Pairings: Alexandre Lamblot “Rata du Rene” Ratafia de Champagne, Champagne, France, 2018

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Suggested Wine Pairings - $40 per person

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