Hare and Field

Dinner Menu - 3 courses for $30.00 per person


Choice of:

Deviled Eggs

chef’s choice

Hot Buttered Pretzels

beer cheese fondue, ale mustard

Fried Chicken Skins

sorghum sriracha sauce

Pernod Shrimp

pernod, garlic herb compound butter, toasty bread


Choice of:

Really Good Burger & Fries

brioche, awesome sauce, lto, bentons bacon

Blackened Chicken

pimiento cheese, benton’s bacon, chipotle bbq sauce, crispy onion, bbq carrots

Summer Gnocchi

shitake, asparagus, brown butter, goat cheese

Fish & Chips

trail ale battered cod, meyer lemon tartar sauce

Shrimp & Pancetta

corn soubise, pancetta seared shrimp, citrus beurre blanc, crispy okra

The End

Choice of:

Chocolate Anyone?

You know you want it!! Go ahead, don’t sleep

Sunday Cake

Like your grandma used to bake, unless your grandma couldn’t bake


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