Lunch Menu - 2 Courses for $20

Course One | A Case of Fries

Pick One Style

Jo's Disco Fries

beef gravy, mozzarella cheese, carmelized onions, short rib

Condor Fries

jalapenos, bacon, BBQ, beer cheese

Breakfast Before I Pass Out

bacon, ham, pimento cheese, fried egg

Shaking My Tailgate

diced buffalo chicken, chili, jalapenos, bleu cheese

Beer, Meat and Cheese Platter


Pick One

Southpaw Burger

The Mayor Chicken Sandwich

Wagyu Hot Dog

Fish & Chips

Optional Course Three

Dessert | + $5

Cersei's Ice Cream Trio

peppered vanilla, caramel bourbon, strawberry goat cheese

Additional Information

Add in Dessert for $5

Dinner Menu - 2 Courses for $20

Same as lunch menu.

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