Dinner Menu - 3 For $20 or 5 for $27


Choose from Tapas Listed Below:

Pescadito en Adobo - Breaded Fish Nuggets

Berenjena Frita con Miel - Fried Eggplant with Honey & Sunflower Seeds

Tortilla Española - Spanish Omelet w/ potato and onion

Coles de Bruselas - Crispy Fried Brussels Sprouts with Manchego

Bruselas al Vapor - Steamed Brussels with Olive Oil, Lemon, Black Pepper

Crema de Mariscos - Seafood Chowder

Guiso de Garbanzos - Chickpea stew with smoked sausage

Champiñones al Ajillo - Mushrooms sautéed in Garlic and Olive Oil

Piquillo de Paella Negra - Sweet Spanish pepper stuffed with black seafood rice with saffron sauce

Espărragos a la Plancha - Grilled Fresh Asparagus

Pollo en Pepitoria - Chicken Breast in an Almond Sauce

Chorizo a la Sidra - Chorizo slow cooked in Hard Apple Cider

Albondigas con Tomate - Meatballs with Tomato Sauce

Torta de Chocolate - Spanish Style Chocolate cake

Pan de Calatrava - Spanish Style Flan

Drink Specials

Agua de Valencia $10

A Spanish favorite, simple yet delicious. Made with Sevilla Tanqueray and fresh orange juice

Sangría by the Glass $7

Our House Made Red or White Sangria for 4

Sangria by the Pitcher $25

Our house made red or white Sangria for 4

Care Wine $7

Your choice of red, white or rose

Kalimotxo $7

A cocktail originating in Spain in 1970, made with red wine and Coke

Estrella Galicia Beer $5

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