Dinner Menu - Restaurant Week Menu

Course #1

Thai Shrimp Skewers

Sautéed shrimp / vegetable medley / sweet Thai chili sauce / green onion curls
All beef meatballs / bourbon maple glaze / crispy onion straws / served on a bed of mixed greens / garnished with parmesan cheese

Course #2

Steak Marsala

8oz sirloin steak slices medium rare / fettuccine pasta / brown gravy / grape tomatoes / seared asparagus / crispy onion straws / garnished with parmesan cheese

Blackened Salmon

Pan seared salmon / blackening spices / long grain wild rice / seared asparagus / green onion curls

Course #3

Strawberry Chocolate Waffle Cheesecake

NY Cheesecake / pearl sugar waffle / chocolate / Rosé infused strawberries / garnished with powdered sugar

Playful Pinkberries

Rosé infused strawberries / chocolate sauce / mint / garnished with powdered sugar

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